We Have Our New Website!



This site (FLYINGCATMUSIC.COM) is now an archive site only.

FLYINGCATMUSIC.ORG is now our active website. Up to date information on Flying Cat Music is now available at our new website. Online ticket purchases for our 2019 concert year are also available at flyingcatmusic.org



The following is now an archive only:

First, please note that you navigate this site by clicking on/off the black square with three dashes found at the left or top of your screen (depending on your device). That opens/closes the site menu. Scroll down using the bar that will then open to see all of the available site features. To see our 2019 Concert Schedule go HERE. For a more detailed update about our 2019 plans go HERE

Flying Cat Music 2.0

3/26/19 UPDATE

Our 2019 concert roster is now almost complete. Our current schedule is HERE

3/21/19 UPDATE:

See text below this update for more context about the changes now underway for Flying Cat Music. This is a brief update to say that we are well on track for the debut of our 2019 concert season at our new venue. Our new season will now commence in May, not April as we earlier anticipated. We already have eight acts booked for 2019, including at least one in May, and we are in contact with several other acts as we continue to fill in our schedule of shows. Work is also well underway on our new website that will be replacing this one. We will let you know when it goes live, and will be sure to leave a link to it here when that happens.

Thanks in large part to the generosity of those of you who responded to our appeal for some “seed money” to help us finance all the changes afoot for Flying Cat, we have reached our minimal goal to move forward into a new year and bright future. We still have some unmet needs, but they won’t prevent us from successfully staging concerts while we continue to work to fill them. We deeply appreciate all those who have already responded to our appeal. Stay tuned for more news shortly!

This site will be updated as more information about our 2019 plans becomes available. This website itself will be replaced by an enhanced one in the coming weeks. Below is a brief update. A more detailed update that went out to our full mailing list is HERE

Flying Cat Music has merged into a community non-profit corporation dedicated to the arts. We have expanded our organizing group and are moving to a new larger venue right in the heart of Phoenicia: The United Methodist Church at 29 Church Street. This 1883 Church offers an exquisite setting for live music.  We’ve devoted our winter to laying the groundwork for these (and other) changes. As a result, booking for 2019 is not yet completed, and we will update you on our upcoming schedule some time in March, with our first concert of the year anticipated to be in April.

We will soon launch a new website as well.  The current website represents an archive of what Flying Cat has done to date (and an interim place to post updates such as this one.) We will transition to a new website sometime this Spring.  We can use your help in raising some funds to make all of this happen smoothly. We now accept tax deductible donations made out to: Phoenicia Forge Art Center, Ltd.

Please add “Flying Cat Music” to the memo line in order for us to be credited with your donation. You can send one to:

Flying Cat Music, P.O. Box 324, Phoenicia NY 12464



 Flying Cat Music has been privileged to host some amazing artists during our first ten years.  The following is the preview text we used to announce our last full season of shows, which ended last December, saved for posterity while we assemble our new website:

“We have an exciting array of musicians coming to the old Phoenicia Train Station to perform for you this year as well.  We hope to see you at one or more of our 2018 shows. Unfortunately due to a need for renovations at the Empire State Railway Museum, our concert venue, the start of our 2018 concert years was delayed until June. The good news is that our shortened concert year is still jam packed with extraordinary acts

Our 2018 concert schedule is  HERE   Note that we prepare special previews for each of our shows as they draw close so check back regularly for those updates as well. To request to be added to our email list to receive alerts and press releases for our approaching concerts please contact us at flyingcatmusic@gmail.com  (we do not share our email list with anyone else.)

Even if you can’t attend a concert in person we urge you to use this site to research some great musicians who you may not already be familiar with; some who will be performing for us soon and others who have done so in the past. The tools for doing so appear by clicking on the menu box. Sample videos, press releases about our performers, and live links to their home web sites, all are available to you here.”

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