2016 Show Dates and Artists

Here is the list of the concerts Flying Cat Music has scheduled for our 2016 concert season. We do our best to keep this page updated at all times with the latest and most accurate information, but please keep in mind that this schedule could always be subject to some changes. An additional show might be added to it, and though it happens infrequently, it is also possible that a listed concert may be rescheduled or canceled sometime prior to our issuing a formal press release for it. We generally issue press releases one to two weeks before each concert date. 

Clicking on  the performers listed below will open up their web site for you in a separate viewing window – so you can easily learn more about them. Watch for additional promotional materials that Flying Cat Music features on this web site whenever the date for a specific concert draws near.

March 9, 2016 Dennis Stroughmatt et l'Esprit Creole
April 9, 2016 Abbie Gardner 
April 30, 2016 Beaucoup Blue 
James Keelaghan has been rescheduled for December 10, 2016
May 14, 2016  Dave Gunning
June 3, 2016 The Young Novelists (As Duo)

June 25, 2016  Nathan Bell
July 13, 2016 Les Poules a Colin

July 29, 2016 Sloan Wainwright

August 20, 2016 Cricket Blue 

September 3, 2016 Tom Pacheco  
September 4, 2016 Tom Pacheco 

September 18, 2016 Calan

October 8, 2016 The Trapps
November 5, 2016 Bobtown
The Doll Sisters had to cancel due to visa issues. 

November 18, 2016 Garnet Rogers
promo for this show
December 3, 2016 SHOW POSTPONED Jon Brooks will perform in 2017
December 10, 2016 James Keelaghan

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