Who we are – What we do


Flying Cat Music produces approximately fifteen concerts annually running from March into December at the Empire State Railway Museum in Phoenicia, New York. The series, which began in 2009, is a completely volunteer effort dedicated to bringing great Roots and Americana music and superb Singer-Songwriters into our corner of the Catskill Mountains in the greater Woodstock region.

To those who are already familiar with the house concert phenomena, our shows embrace that spirit but are held, instead, in a historic public venue; the acoustically exquisite passenger waiting room of the Empire State Railway Museum. House concerts and “listening rooms,” such as ours, exist to both celebrate live music and support the musicians who make it. They are distinctly non-commercial ventures except for one shared core conviction; highly talented and dedicated musicians deserve to be able to support themselves through their music. We also believe that little compares with audiences getting to experience live music in a setting intimate enough for them to actually meet and greet the performers.

Flying Cat Music grew out of an earlier monthly concert series called Phoenicia Phirst Phriday where many of our area’s leading musicians gave performances in a downtown art gallery for the benefit of local charities. Our region is blessed with a rich musical tradition and a strong roster of resident talent. Musicians tend to be best known near their homes, but it’s more difficult to gain exposure with audiences farther away. Costs that can be minimized by performing close to home can grow quickly while on the road. Flying Cat Music has a mission to support touring artists.

We would love for the rest of the country to see more of the accomplished musicians living in the Catskill/Mid-Hudson Valley region, just as we want to see more of the fine music being made in Boston, Austin, Toronto and elsewhere. But there aren’t enough nightclub gigs and college campus bookings available for most artists to build a tour around. That’s where house concerts and listening rooms such as ours play such an important role. We help musicians from all over the world cover the costs of traveling through our locale by connecting them with new fans here in Phoenicia. Each open night that becomes a paying show helps support their touring efforts. Across the nation others are doing the same in their communities; helping musicians passing through to find new audiences, keeping the music alive. Thank you for being a part of this. Thank you for supporting live music.

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