Full Press Release for Flying Cat Music Benefit Concert & Potluck Dinner Dec. 14, 2014

phoeniciasta_2008 Daniel Case

Flying Cat Music ends its 2014 concert year on Sunday, December 14, with a gala celebration and benefit concert to help defray costs of the ongoing Railway Station Concert Series held at the Empire State Railway Museum in Phoenicia. For those fond of festive socializing, the concert will be preceded by a potluck dinner at 6:00 p.m. Admission to the concert portion of the evening begins at 7:00 p.m. with a suggested donation of $10 or more. Music will begin at 7:30. Reservations for this concert at the ESRM may be made by writing flyingcatmusic@gmail.com. For more information please email or call 845-688-9453.

After a sterling year of shows that brought an outstanding lineup of national and international acts to the Phoenicia train station, Sunday’s event celebrates the Mid-Hudson Valley music community with performances by Paul Stokes, The Princes of Serendip, Marji Zintz, Dave Kearney, and Jeff Entin and Bob Blum. All of these musicians play professionally throughout the region, but seldom, if ever, do they all share one bill.

In addition to being fine musicians this talented assemblage shares another common distinction. From their ranks come the specialized skills essential to staging Flying Cat Music concerts. Those who have attended Flying Cat Music shows during the last few years have most likely seen several of the above performers volunteering as sound technicians during those concerts. The graphics used to promote the shows originated in the fertile mind of another of these performers. At this special benefit, however, it is their musical talents that will be showcased, while their contributions are being honored.

Paul Stokes is an exquisite acoustic guitar player with the ability to enchant through his intricate weaving of melodic lines. Marji Zintz is a spellbinding vocalist, with a range that travels seamlessly from a whisper to a roar, unfailingly conveying the ideal emotional pitch for each song that she beautifully interprets. Dave Kearney, without doubt, is among the finest songwriters this area has to offer, which is saying a great deal given the rich abundance of talent residing in the region, and his decades spent performing have finely honed his delivery to maximum effect. The Princes of Serendip are beguiling in a way uniquely their own, with a sound at once both classic and whimsical, presenting lovely original songs that infiltrate your mind with a payload of substance few see coming – more reminiscent of the Incredible String Band perhaps than of more standard folk acts. Jeff Entin and Bob Blum possess the uncanny ability to completely engage and please virtually any crowd with their stellar musical chops and intuitively balanced blend of strong original material and covers you didn’t know how much you missed until they brought them back for you.

These are the talented musicians who each month make it possible for Flying Cat Music to produce the Railway Station Concert Series, and there is no more fitting way to ring out the concert year than to have them take center stage. In keeping with the spirit of this event, all refreshments served during this benefit concert will be complimentary. Join us if you can to celebrate six years of Flying Cat Music concerts and, by so doing, help us make a seventh year possible.

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