Full Press Release for Linda McRae 6/13/14 Concert


Flying Cat Music is proud to bring Canadian singer-songwriter Linda McRae to New York’s Hudson Valley on Friday, June 13, in a concert at the Empire State Railway Museum located at 70 Lower High Street in Phoenicia. The show begins promptly at 7:30 p.m. with the door opening at 7:00. Admission is $15 at the door or $13 with RSVP to flyingcatmusic@gmail.com or by calling 845-688-9453.

Roots folk and country recording artist Linda McRae is just out with her latest CD, Fifty Shades of Red, for her new label, Canada’s premier roots music purveyor Borealis Records. To celebrate the addition of McRae to their already sterling roster, this Borealis issue offers listeners highlights from Linda McRae’s four prior solo recordings. The most recent of those, Rough Edges and Ragged Hearts was nominated for the 2012 Contemporary Album of the Year by the Canadian Folk Music Awards.

That CD continues to garner rave reviews such as this from Penguin Eggs: “25 years from now the folksingers of the day will still be borrowing songs from this disc.” While Roots Music Report says of it “Track after track, her stories are stand-alone gems, elegant in their minimal orchestration…A quietly masterful effort.”

Dan Savoie, of Rock Star Weekly, calls it “a venture to the old-time sounds of music’s past. Coming off like a more daring and deeper version of Patsy Cline, McRae’s voice is rich, bold, and extremely expressive. She’s suitable for the rooted vibrant and soulful country sound she’s taken to. Rough Edges and Ragged Hearts is the real deal.”

Prior to launching her highly acclaimed solo career in 1997, Linda McRae spent more than six years in one of Canada’s most esteemed folk rock bands, platinum recording artists Spirit of the West. Since 2008 however Linda has been based in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband James. They’ve evolved into a potent songwriting duo that skillfully mines the Appalachian traditions and folk country roots of the region they now call home.

Linda McRae writes and performs her music with a voice that is achingly authentic. Alison Brock, of Wide Cut Country–CKUA, emphatically states, “she is blessed with one of the most pure, soulful, honest and distinctive voices in Roots music, period!”

 Her songs merge stories and tunes in a classic manner that simultaneously sounds fresh but also hauntingly familiar. There are other artists striving for the sound McRae achieves naturally; who seem doggedly traditional or self-consciously retro instead. Linda McRae is more primal than that, her songs tap a vibrant legacy and fuse the listener with it. Rather than sounding vintage herself, McRae makes the Hank Williams and Patsy Cline era feel alive and current, with her own songs a seamless extension of it. It is no surprise that Linda gets compared directly to artists of that period, as in these reviews:

“[McRae] slices through 50 years of country corn to arrive at a sound that would sit nicely with anything Hank Williams ever did.” Straight.com;

 “…as close as alt-country gets to Peggy Lee.” Emmet Matheson, No Depression;

while Americana UK describes Linda McRae’s music as having “…the beautiful timeless quality that you would get with, for example, the music of Hank Williams.”

 Colin Linden, an award winning songwriter, guitarist and producer who has collaborated with Bruce Cockburn, Emmy Lou Harris, and Alison Krauss/Robert Plant among others, summed up McRae’s music best when he wrote, “When all the trends fade and become dated, and all the music from the cutting edge becomes dull, Linda McRae will continue to stand tall…”


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